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Violence Breeds Lyrics

War Of Words – Violence Breeds Lyrics

Rejected the life he was living violence became a religion
A disease brought on by disease brought on by the poorest decisions

Said you're never gonna get to the life that you were started towards
Never gonna get away from the fight to hold onto our world

Still believing everything they're told
Never questioning the lies they're sold

A lonely social suicide and now this pride
What died inside won't be revived
Back to the wall just trying to hide for fear of faces I deny
Too many faces to deny

New friends that aren't really your friends
Who decides where it starts and it ends?
If blood is the only answer we find then we're asking the wrong questions

Tired of walking with my eyes to the ground avoiding all these toes
Every night another mile of eggshells is paving every road

Still believing everything they're told
A new life spun out of control

Violence breeds violence from a clumsy fist to a hired hit
It's still the law of a lawless land where pain is the only suit that fits
An eye or a tooth is still currency and a trip to the emergency
Is one last kick one breath too short one breath too short to live
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