Wyze G
Shorty Smooth the Scavenger
Wally Wonda
Living in a world full of jealousy
Jealous muthafuckas
Can't stop my shine
Don't hate the rhyme
Jealousy is pitiful
Situation gettin critical
Analyze Wize G Tha Poet
The lyrical
Dissect these jealous individuals
Using my all I see
And third visual
The only nigga on the block
With a Limp Bizkit t-shirt
Or Papa Roach across my physical
This message is subliminal
Straight from New York
To a stoned drunk criminal
Everybody don't like me
You can even ask Mike
Cats they perk up the socks to the Nike
Jealous muthafuckas can't stand you Wally
Why I don't know
They say you can't rock a show
They say you can't kick a flow
When you come outside the club
They ready to take all your doh
Fuck them jealous muthafuckas yo
When you see me in the AK
A lot of cat say Shorty
You want a hit?
Behind my back
They be like that nigga Shorty
He ain't shit

You jealous muthafuckas
Got a fucked up mind
You jealous muthafuckas
You can't stop my shine
You jealous muthafuckas
You want to hate my rhyme
But yo it's Shorty muthafuckin time

Wally Boy Wonder
All yall jealous fellows
That there Chemistry need not reply
My mind still divine
Seven preforms nine tracks
Instrumentals created by Cyde
Both connect entwine
Invades eardrums
Spittin out darts from this spear gun
As the Scavenger searches for the feared ones
Baltrinic with his 12 mic percussion clinic
Hatred is cynic
And I see right thru my rhyme critics
And also you two grimys from next door
Seeing if we on with the funky greens
But were not serving you no more
Wait one second as I close the door
To late
The gun's in my face

Wyze G
Jealousy fillin up a fucked up mind
Jealousy make you wanta hate my rhyme
Jealousy make you want to pull that nine
Jealousy make you want to do that crime
Same shit happens
Everyday around my way
Jealous ones envy
My mind is going in a frenzy
Too many haten' ass jealous cats
Be actin' so friendly
It's bullshit, watch yourself, peep the scenario
The case, the same shit, different place
Muthafuckas be tellin' me it's all love
Like they my ace
You know damn well it ain't all love
Why you lying in my face
Me and Twin was laughing like what ever
We never fallin' for that, yo I'm mad clever
It's not all good
It's not all love
It's not all gravy
It's fugazi
It's crazy
All shitty
I love it, it's the shit
My hometown the AK city
Greedy, siesty, sleazy, slimy
No mercy for the weak
No pity
Check the tatoo USG
Low down grimy and gritty
Livin' in a world full of jealousy
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Jealousy Lyrics

Wally Boy Wonder – Jealousy Lyrics