Don't, don't know where to begin(
Back to the start I guess
It is hard when you're still around.
It's been three days, weeks, months, now(
Where did you go?(
Where is your nest now?(
Too bad this has come
Don't, don't where to begin(
Back to the top (
I guess it is hard when you're still around

I don’t want to live inside of it(
Trapped in mechanical arms(
All the loose leaf lies(Empire state, now come on(
Telling all the different stories (
Trapped in the tentacle arms (
And the loose leaf lies on top if it all, come on.

Don't lay low on you heart tonight(
Still I follow you, like a lost dog.

Say what you will(
I can not pretend that I would run(
Feet, failing how?(
I cannot connect the lines to grid.
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Mechanical Arms Lyrics

Walking Shapes – Mechanical Arms Lyrics