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My Rebirth Lyrics

Walking Dead On Broadway – My Rebirth Lyrics

What has happened?
Why did this gone so far?
I did everything, everything for you

But you pushed my heart through acid
Dead inside, torn appart
Thanks for this, your fucking welcome

Get out of my head!
Your not worth to even waste a thought of remembrance of our love, our time
Through days, through months, unnumerable times, I`ve struggled for nothing
You let me wait to say in my face that you killed me inside

You fucking whore
Just let me break down
Hope it was worth the lies that I've seen behind your eyes
A promise on blood, they will let you despair
I'll take the path, stand up and reach a new start
Take a last laugh on watching you loose everything
Crying to fall asleep, lost little girl
Betray yourself for 5 minutes of luck?
You stompled and fall
Greet your new home under 6 feet of desperation

Never forgotten, but pushed way out of my head
The fork in the road is coming!

I'll follow my path, but where are you?
I do not care

Just wait for the lovely day
Just wait, just wait, just wait for the lovely day!

And I spit on your grave with a smile on my face
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