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A Lot To Expect Lyrics

Walking Concert – A Lot To Expect Lyrics

Slow the dam, my love
It's about to burst
Pray to find someone
Now you're scared cause you think it might be worse
Than being by yourself
Provided its comforts and securities

Built the walls up high
So the valley'd be safe
Fragile peace of mind
Held together with transparent tape
Anyone can see through
It's as clear as the plane that you're flying

The bracelets you wear might stop bullets
But they can't stop time
Rowing down a river with an Indian giver
Is kind of out of your mind
Blind leading the blind

Floating with the animals
That don't know any better
Grab a branch while you can
The river's water won't get wetter
Til it's up til your neck and too late to correct
The course of action that you've taken by mistake and awaken

Flooding the Forrest you planted with mines to protect
The palace reserved for the princes that you never met
Or at least haven't yet
That's a lot to expect

My oh my oh my
My oh my oh my
My oh my oh my
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