My love
It is a wily thing
One hand in your hand
One hand waving free

My love
My love, it runs on borrowed time
Counted out in quarter-notes
As it walks on by

My love
My love is looking out itself
Ohh, outside your house
As it comes and goes

My love
My love, it has been here before
Looking in somebody's eyes
Feeling bored

My love you've better watch yourself
My love will help itself
To you inside

My love do you remember when
The time you, the feeling, oh the feeling
Cause I don't
I don't, I don't, I don't

My love, can we go back to it
Oh, your blue, blue veins
In your white, white skin
Moving under my lips

Oh, I record all of it
No I won't let it get away
No I won't
I won't, I won't forget
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Casa Di Davide E Chiara Lyrics

Walker Lukens – Casa Di Davide E Chiara Lyrics