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Narciss-her/Spaceship Lyrics

Wale – Narciss-her/Spaceship Lyrics

[Intro: George Constanza & (Jerry Seinfeld)]
So attractive one day, not attractive the next
(Have you come across this?)
Yes, I am familiar with this syndrome. She's a two-face

Look, hear me out, unh
Narcissism, narciss-her
She follow trends and all the gimmicks
Caught up in opinions, need attention
She gon' say she didn't
Who the fuck you think you kiddin'

She do it for you, she do it for you
She do it for you, she do it for you

[Verse 1]
Miss Atlanta, how do you manage?
See me as a dollar, see you as a challenge
See that the world is ours, hoping I be your balance
Life is a beach, I know it, better hope I can be your towel
Think about it, narciss-her
Thrive on attention, despite she need genuine love
She like "did you like all my pictures?"
There for my woman, down for no bitches
Sure as your body on IG cry when misogyny get ya
I don't get ya, you and your pictures
I mean you are a god to me girl
But if all these bitches is in your business
Why you so gassed for followers



[Intermission: Wale]
Wait hol'up, hol'up, hold that, hol'up, hol'up
Pull that up
This a mixtape, I can't give them more of that
Maybe in March, maybe in march
If they want it bad enough

"Spaceship Freestyle"

[Verse 1]
Unh, unh, unh, bounce
Ha, look
Second place, I can't do it
Which is why I'm working through it
I'm just tryna get my squad through it
While these niggas tryna add salt to it
Going through a little mood with a few
Lord can you help a brotha get through
Momma still gettin' on me, I should quit before'em I graduate that school
I love a shoe, I hate the feat
A lot of Karats, betakaroten
I can guarantee November
Guarantee instead of carrying me, these niggas carry T
Mean muggin', y'all muggin'
I make an instrumental kick a bucket
Spittin' something these niggas'll fuck with
It's funny, them drums, they bustin' to kill your percussion
Heaven knows Hell lies
That's why my heart, paralyze
I wear it out on my sleeve
Yet I feel, not a thing
Not a thing, badaboom, badabing
Bomboozed by the weak
Who am I to weep?
Ran through some goose, just to by the G
When I'm sober I don't like to think
With all these niggas, with all these hoes
Fuck all these niggas, make me sound haters with audio
But you make sure you tell them all "adios"
Cause I make sure I'm grinding like I was broke
Though I ain't rich, know getting close
And it won't go anemic, my iron close
Even when I go Caesar, these hoes'll know
When they with me, they know they gon' overdose
See my thoughts is deep and my flow is dope
You far from official, you open court
And I'm high as a forward that jump at the quarter
You might as well forfeit, you forfeit sort
That's all I got
OG shit
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