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Miracle On U Street Lyrics

Wale – Miracle On U Street Lyrics

(Rick Ross Speaks)
Imagine seeing a well educated black man
In a white man's all white suit, Tom Ford that is
D. C. Where that go-go at?

(Woman Speaks)
Please join with me brothers and sisters
In extending a warm washington D. C. Vibration

(Wale Speaks)
Very happy to be here (goons in the motherfucking sky)

[Verse 1]
My percussion a loud level, yeah
That of which a lot of niggas cannot handle, yeah
Who got this year popping?
Shawty the Kerry Washington for so long
They probably cried scandal, Woo
St. Laurent that's just to make it rhyme, yeah
Richie Paul my number eight Lebron, yeah
All this balmain I have yet to wear
Fuck your whole label these songs make me a label whore
Still got bitches in Landover nigga
Coming quicker than Sharapova hittin
Uh to my peers that fear no contenders
See the flow equipped me no coat in the coldest winter
Look centerfolds give up their photos to me
Uh from the Vogue say to a nigga living
Moon shoe, who influence nuances they forgetting?
Man I kick the flow, hit their hole like a returning kicker, nigga

Show me some love, Hey, Show me some love, Hey
Night time man the moon show up (2x)

[Verse 2]
Ay look the percussion a loud level
That of which a lot of niggas cannot get to
I'll never be a groupie but we're talking who's who
In this zoo I see a lot of cat food
Rats delegating with pigs
I've been relevant seven years boy this a career, Facts
Ralph, what do we have here
Couple of fruits with no juice, they never goin' peel
Through the struggle but never moved an onion, yeah
Manage sweaters I maneuver through weather
Ugh, though a few said I was too suburban
Knew I'm fin to pop when you move that bubble on em regardless
Boy, I'm just getting money you just getting older
Yeah, It's my time synchronize your rollie
It'll be, I'll advised to fight try to fight the homie
When I own the ring, all the titles, and the fucking promotion
Woo, De La Hoya baby my face golden, Hold up
At the Hoya game with a straight roller, Hold up
You know we fussing a lot, all of em see you say you got
Lets see what happens by the end of Soma
That's a muscle relaxer, and I shouldn't have to say it
But they dumb to me out here
It's fun to be out here, we humble we not them
How can you run your city with such fumbling problems

Show me some love, Hey, Show me some love, Hey
"Ay moe this ain't even motherfuckin' on the Mixtape though this..."
Night time man the moon show up
"You know I had to let one go"
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Songwriters: Olubowale Victor Akintimehin
Miracle On U Street lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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