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1992 Lyrics

Waking Eden – 1992 Lyrics

Back, I go, to a lazy summers day in my hometown
Schoolyard, in the playground where we fell so hard
Those days we felt like we wore crowns
What goes up, must come down


All I want is in 1992
When I first saw you
Had it all to gain,
Nothing to lose
Do you remember when we used to
Tuck our feet up, so far under
Get so high, is it any wonder

Dusk til dawn, we’d make that playground sing our song,
Like birds, on high, making alibis til the sunlight left the sky
Playin hide and seek, I learned to miss you
When I catch I kiss you


Is it any wonder I want to be with you
Back with you
Ninety two
One more year in 1992
Just give me one more year in 1992
All I want is in 1992
Just one more year in 1992
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