I’m drinking on some Activist, I’m drinking on some Activist
I’m smoking on atomic shit, you’ve never seen a broad like this

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka]
I’m two Xan’s, fuck a kick stand, afraid of heights but I stay high
Stay fly, smoke this kush till my brain’s fried and my thoughts go dry
Pole pimping like do or die, tipping fours like dug it all
Smoke more kush than Khalifa, spit the word like a preacher
I just bought the pounds, about to go down, I got whitey brown, nigga
About to make a movie motion picture
Bring couple bad bitches, my niggas
We got backwoods and swishers, we got mollies in that activist
My high, I can’t miss, get fucked up, everybody go ratchet, bitch


I’m fucked up, I’m fucked up
I said I’m fucked up, I’m fucked up
I’m fucked up

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka]
I’m in a rave party, on ecstasy
Loud music and neon lights
Me and molly, first class flight
I know it’s wrong but it feels right
Already got drink, all I need is Sprite
Ask her name and her drug type
She don’t do pills, she’ll drink lean and smoke all night
Hey, just my type
Long hair, her eyes light, bad chick drive her daddy Jag
Fuck her in the back seat, make that a man, that’s about all
Drink activist like Smart Water
Two girls and molly got my mouth sour
Like a warhead I want more head
You can tell it’s good by her right leg keep shakin’
Trying to get fucked up, nigga, what you drinking?
You ain’t high my dog, you fakin’
Free man is also say the same to the Haitians
My eye I’m chasing
Dropping Xans in the Sprite so my eye escalating
Every time I walk feel like I’m elevatin’
And after the club I’mma wear red lights
With my head lights up, that’s Ferrari racing


[Verse 3: Ben G]
Squad Life, money over hoes, that’s my life
Got locked up my senior year
Now I party every night like prom night
Fuck the system from the Damsel
And I’m well conditioned, fuck shampoo
I grew up quicker like bamboo
And you marathon bitches get ran through
Get head, roll a blunt and take it to the head
Got your girl in the kitchen, we didn’t make it to the bed
Now she’s making me some eggs, I’mma play up to the den
Got a butcher for the beef and the baker makes bread
And we baked out, threw a party at the lake house
When those girls making out
I deposit this dick in their bank account
And I pour, roll up, let’s get faded
They ain’t make it so they hate it
They just jaded, we just drinking
We just smoking, we just wasted
I’m hardly active on that Activist
Actually I’ve been actively passive with the baddest bitch

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Activist Lyrics

Waka Flocka – Activist Lyrics

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