I was hitchhiking on an old Renfrew County road,
When along came a log driver with a high piled timber load,
He said if you're going out to the Pontiac with me you can ride,
So I threw in my bag and I settled on inside,
He said you'd ever seen a road with so much dust and sand,
I said listen bud, I've traveled every road in this here land,

I've been everywhere man, I've been everyhwere
Oh I've seen the valley bare yes I've breathed the valley man,
I've traveled I done my share man I've been everyhwere,

Where ya been he said,

There's Davidson, Deacon, Bryson, Rolphton,
Haley, Burnstown, Portage, Slabtown,
Round Lake, Otter Lake, Golden Lake, Green Lake,
Bonnechere, Braeside, Barry's Bay, Campbells Bay,
Shawville, Quadeville, Eganville, Desjardinsville,
Mink Lake, White Lake, Hardwood Lake, Letterkenny,


Westmeath, Meath, Ruby, Shady Nook, Balaclava,
Dacre, Griffith, Calabogie, Shamrock,
Arnprior, Glasgow, Waba, Wabash,
Foresters Falls, Cormac, Chenaux, Lapasse,
Brudenell, Vinton, St. Joseph's, Mansfield,
Point Alexander, Demers-Centre, Lochwinnoch, Litchfield,


Renfrew, Zion Line, Queens Line, Castleford,
Sand Point, Sand Bay, Norway Bay, Stafford,
Fort William, Woermke, Bristol, Thornby,
Lake Dore, Lake Clear, Calumet, Mackey,
Kelly's Corners, Foymount, French Hill, Newfoundout,
Madawaska, Stonecliffe, Locksley, Ladysmith,


Ya pertineer been everywhere he said,

Chapeau, Killaloe, Wilno, Sheenboro,
Pembroke, Greenwood, Douglas, Fort Coulonge,
Chichester, Chalk River, Deep River, Snake River,
Rankin, Waltham, Cobden, Perreton,
Alice, Micksburg, Beachburg, Augsburg,
Nichabau, Petawawa, Swisha, Osceola,

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I've Been Everywhere In The Valley Lyrics

Wabash – I've Been Everywhere In The Valley Lyrics