Up to di time, you know it's kartel
And mi a tell you se me a di war angel and buss di hastel and mek bway blood
Run red like pastel easily
Up to di time some bway a du talk-by shootin breeze caught dem tongue
Nuttin but some ludied lips
You know how we roll

[Chorus: x2]
Well dem a mek noise, we nuh mek noise
Dem a go fi knife, we go fi 45
And we tek people life, huzzy and wife
Caan this big badman and survive

[Verse 1:]
Gunshot a nail up you body like zinc
If a sumting weh you drink or a weh you tink
Mek a bway fuck round Waterford link
Mi gi him half pint, di other pint fi drink
White shirt turn pink, blood a run like red ink
Like di Titanic ina you skin shot a sink
You chat like at&T like Sprint
Mi gun ina you mouth suck it like icy-mint
You gyal by she quint, ina di pussy cocky print
If you did sell dat and you mek mi get a hint
From you see di blacker you, di blacker you will tink
Kartel dun di pussyhole dem fi sprint

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Three lik mi se fi sen you go heaven
Big maculate mi sen fi go si di di devil
Bway come a tell bout you Jurassic bier pebble
Pump action full him a one twelve gate pebble
Nuff man a model gun like Heckle and Jekyll
Se dem a badman and a drink from gyal vessel
This Kartel you brain jump out caan sekkle
Teflon and Walcott a whistle like waan kettle
Wrong man you waan tackle, neck bruk like bokkle
Copper mek you face bite up like ripe apple
Kartel invincible, war without principle kool
Remember se mi gun dem invincible




[Verse 2:]

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Mek Noise Lyrics

Vybz Kartel – Mek Noise Lyrics