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Tek Buddy Gal Lyrics

Vybez Cartel – Tek Buddy Gal Lyrics

Baby (echo) up to di time (timeless)
Eh, who you a romp wit me
Baby, up to di time, timeless
Baby (echo) don't play around (no, never)
Hey who you a rump wit, me?
See mi a say (echo) don't take me for clown
Baby, don't play around.
Yo, eh, eh
See me a say (echo)

Don't tek me for clown(never)
[Chorus: x2]
Alright, Hey yo
Tek buddy gal you tink it easy

Who you a romp wit you want it easy
[Chorus x2]
Tek me tings and youtek me money too
Tek buddy gal
So tek buddy too, um tek buddy too
You tink it easy

Who you a rump wit
You want ti easy
Four back shots that a fi di what not
You, tek me tings
Tri is a lock that a fi di door and di fridge and di padlock
And, you tek me money too
Do mi five sit ups pon it
So tek buddy too,
Fi di fridge and di belt pon di fridge hey
Um, tek buddy too
Gwaan bad, fi di Loui Vaton bag

Tek rag fi di goods from Sedrag
Dust mi ceramic tiles and di door
Four back shots cati fi di what not
Wait doornob that a go first in a blow job
Tree di padlocks

One fi di door, and di fridge, and di??
[Chorus: x2]
Do me five sitdung pon it

Gwan bad fi di Loui Viton hand bag
[Verse 2:]
Tek rag fi di?? Pon seg rag
Fuck me like mi a tricks in a treaty
A di ceramic tiles
In a cd, dvd, tv

Pay me back fi all of does ski ski
[Chorus x2]
The tree breeze wit you me free (free)

If ya man gun big like Baby G
[Verse 2:]
Mine sing and dj like Lady G
Fuck me like me a tricks 'n' treat
A who pay you visa fee
On di cd, dvd, tv
Grab mi dick and sig like? Calipso free
Pay me back fi all a does skeet skeet

You pay fi you me pay no me free (free)
[Chorus: x2]
A who pay you visa fee?

Come and sit dung while sing on Calipso beat

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2:]
[Verse 2]

[Chorus: x2]
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