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Vicious Circle Lyrics

Votum – Vicious Circle Lyrics

Yet again you're coming back
I have no comfort for you this time and again
Say something there inside irks like a splinter of ice?
A thorny thought that haunts your nights...

You're fit enough to mark it now
That in this world we live most paths you take can't be undone
Whichever one you take there's always some regret
Of what might have been had you though twice

Say you've been seeing things
There's a woman in the deep
You can see her with her ouststretchet arms
"How come you know, how do you know that?"
The night fires burnt
There's a house full of fear and a putrid smell of rot
"There with me forever..."
There's a slipknot on that bought that's tempting you to its

Trivia aways dispel doubts
"Odd you should be saying that..."
When did you last eat or wake up?
"Funny but I don't think I..."
Remember how you got in here and where you're bound?
Your silence speak of things your voice won't dare to shout
It's sad but true, just face it
The things you'll do they happened all the same...

You can't turn away once you set out
You're bound to be coming in here
Agonized over doubts
These swarming pictures in your head
Will break out
These swarming visions in your head
Your future's past

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