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Away Lyrics

Votum – Away Lyrics

"(...) until all that is left (...) is but a heap of flesh, with nerves bare and open, resounding each melody as if they were strings, resonant and deep, in a void of total loneliness"
- E. von Salomon

"Away," she says, "out of this place
Everything's better than here and now"
Tired of endlessly trying to prove
That she could cope with what gets her down

Each day she takes a look, peers out through the wall
And dreams of outer space, whispering
"I don't want to be here anymore"
And the fields of green disappear, her eyes shut

Somewhere, somewhere
There's a secret garden where they won't find us
Somewhere, somewhere
There's a secret garden where we belong

I understand, I feel this too
And sometimes I want out, but prowl up this river somehow
Try to face the fear under your skin
Of how long can you fight
Knowing that all you get is the sense of losing?

She runs, she runs, she runs ...
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