Born into money, ignorance and greed
Elected to speak for the vast majority
Pulling politricks on behalf of america
That's the nature of the politicians greed

Turn the channel on the masses
Create a war and a little hysteria
Over weapons of mass destruction
Power driven by television and media

Tell the people what they wanna hear
Keep them quiet for another year

Someone's spending our dollars and cents
Tribulations of a generation spent
Cover it all up with a little bit of scandal
Start a trial and impeach the president

There's no balance or conformity
Laws are broken by autorities
They blame poverty stricken minorities
The prices you pay in the land of the free

Everyone's laughing on the other side
As we crumble with our american pride
Youth of today don't care about education
In danger is the state of the nation
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Tell The People Lyrics

Voodoo Glow Skulls – Tell The People Lyrics

Songwriters: Edgardo G Casillas, Francisco Casillas, Jerry William O'Neill, Jorge Arturo Casillas
Tell The People lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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