Its in the way that she moves.
Shes Invisible / I'm invincible.
His whole wide world revolves around my blackened room.
Its what I can guarantee
Since I've got her begging on her knees

Its all Woes me! Hold me! Closely!

How about the way that she acts and attacks
A self-inflicted past
To clear her head of all the obstacles and traps?
Theyve been set in me, since 1982 or 3.

Its all Woes me! Hold me! Closely!

Until he says (Chamer): Pure lovers never know what a black heart dares to show.

Until she says (Snake): Though I came here to deny, the only thing that's on my mind
Is will you be with me?!
(such a parallelism to words that lay in graves)
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She Moves Lyrics

Volcanoless In Canada – She Moves Lyrics

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