Walking down an alley
A dead end for today
Deep in blue neon
Under skyways worn

Rising up above
Concrete from far below
Surrounded by shadows

Garden without gods
All are strangers alike
All riding the blind
The purple of their eyes
The purple of blind
In reverie unwind

Circling sub-city
A rainbow appears
To calm down the fury

To calm all the fears
This random occurance
Is only a sign
Of the incoherence

In the clockwork mind
A symphony of our time
People in a decline
Denying the vibrations we're made of
Recalling the past

Rolling down hill
Somber drama
All is so still
Anyhow, anyway
Anyway, anyhow
End of all reason

Is what I go through
Yes, it is what I go through

Slip-sliding nation
Is what they must do

Yes, it is what they must do
Under a deadened sky
Over the greying landscape
Sitting on a mountain
As I am a witness
I will stand aside
I turn a blind eye

I am feeling helpless
But it passes by

Is this a modern legend?
Maybe a fairy tale
Just a future requiem
Made of
Cutting along the fiction that we're

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Panorama Lyrics

Voivod – Panorama Lyrics