My heart beats with the pulse of the earth
My mind is a holy flame that I must maintain

I am strong, my soul flies through the sky
Far above the misery of life

I am not alone
My body is my home
I learn more with everything I'm shown
I am not unconscious, I keep myself aware
Do what you believe in, I do not care
I hear the words you say, and I take them to heart
Every single person plays a part
In this reality that sometimes feels like a game
Do not be scared, you know how to play
Believe in yourself, do it your own way
Do not believe in what other people say
And you will be happy for all of your days
Focus on what's now, and forget your past
Focus on the future, and you'll get there too fast
Do not focus on the pain in everyone
Love yourself always, and all battles are won
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Shaman Lyrics

Vlad – Shaman Lyrics