Seekers cast away by my eyes
Stillborn nothing,
Purgatory, twisted absence
Writhing in disgusting pain
Something's wrong with my brain
Lust for power,
Carnal battle of desire
Quenching bloodthirst,
Eat my flesh and drink my blood
Tear at my flesh,
Push your fingers inside my skin
Laugh in my face,
Entertain your truest nature

Look in my eyes,
Disintegrate my truest ego
Hypnotize me,
Make me into someone else
Erase my mind,
Take away my memories
Take what I've done
And throw it into my face
Criticize me,
Judge me blindly, judge me harshly
Scramble my face
Until I can't see myself
Traumatize me,
Make me wish that I was dead
Destroy my dreams,
Create my reality

Make me nothing
Make me no one
Make me nothing
Make me no one
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Make Me Nothing Lyrics

Vlad – Make Me Nothing Lyrics