Dwelling in such monotony are the sheep of the Lion
Labeled are we in relativity to that of serpents
Progressing pandemonium ensues in one’s own mind
When one questions the nature of existence

O, pleasures doth thou encase thy self within
The shackles of lust and gluttony bare a burdenous weight
The origins of liberation lie within neutrality
Total neutrality of the conscious energy

The wool hath been cast over our eyes
Plagued by the illusion of honesty and purpose
We follow the shepherd into the Lion’s den

This existence of such trivial repetition is waiting for the flame to be doused

Never shall we dine upon the scarlet fruit
We shall never faulter nor wither from way of light

We follow the shepherd into the Lion’s den
We follow our ancestors’’ footsteps into the graves
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For Naught Lyrics

Vlad – For Naught Lyrics