Nothing on you,
Nothing on me,

Every time I see you,
I can't stop myself
From loving you,
Please help me out
Either love me
Or knock me down...

You and me
I imagine,
Sitting under moonlight,
Holding you very tight
I won't let you ever
Go away...

Nothing on you
Nothing on me

Oh girl
How can
I see you
Sitting far from me
Shivering in pain, I call
I call out for you

Take me in your arms
And tell me
It wasn't true...

Nothing on you
Nothing on me

Baby girl... (oh yeah )
Come in my dreams (take me)
Let's make world
Of our own
Separation is hurled
And be happy forever...

Nothing on you
Nothing on me...
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Nothing On You Lyrics

Vivek Dahiya – Nothing On You Lyrics