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Spiritual Warfare Lyrics

Visionaries – Spiritual Warfare Lyrics

To the ones walkin' the righteous path

[ verse 1: lmno ]
Church and state separate
Plenty of God's children, devil is the king of deception
Looking at the paintings of a white and black Jesus
Spirit says it's simply to deceive us
If I was after sacrifice, need a scapegoat
I would stop fightin' and cut my own throat
Lord hold me in your bosom, Satan's on my track
Help me lose him, I know you're on your way
Whether it's 2 years, 20 years and so forth
The point is he's comin', you're summoned to God's court
There's no failure to repair once we leave here
'Order, hear he, ' no - you hear me
You're not God, egotistical wig-wearin
Mallet-slammin'... Oh, the verdict is in
Free from sin, Baptism
I see myself in the line-up, yes, that's him
A man who [?] is a man who's wise
It's all how you work it, not a matter of size
You don't love me anymore cause of what was said?
You never loved me in the first place, see me tread
In stormy waters, look, there's a rock ahead
Make sure you say your prayers before you go to bed

[ chorus ]
Hey you over there
Are you familiar with spiritual warfare?
Or do you care?
(I got a question)--> Rakim
Or do you care?
(I got a question)
Or do you care?

[ verse 2: Key-Kool ]
I'm not asleep but I'm not fully awake
Livin' my life in a dreamlike state
I see where I need to be and I'm tryin' to get there
But it feels like I'm runnin' in place
Runnin' a race against time is a waste
A true mind doesn't have a face or physical shape
But wait, it's hard to belay a manifest
When my bones ache and I'm made of flesh
I feel a pain in my chest from stress and self-inflicted wounds
From the time we leave the womb we're consumed
By the brainwashin' of a society
Where conciousness is like sobriety a rarity
I have a moment of clarity
Now I refuse to live life as a parody of the truth
The proof at the root is hidden beneath
Layers of false satisfaction and deceit
I fight to defeat the distractions
Material attachments and worldy passions
I'm askin' myself: am I egotistical and selfish
Or truly nothing, selfless?

(I got a question)
(I got a question)

[ chorus ]
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