They camp all around me
So I have no fear
They tell me he loves me
Whisper it in my ear
It means the world to me
To have him near here
These are my angels over me

They come from the throne above
Before his face
They carry the light of love
Cover me with grace
They wanna see me complete this race
These are my Angels Over me

Oooh Help me sing

I got Angels watching over me
Watching my way both night and day
I got Angels watching over me
Fanning away the hurt the pain
I got Angels watching over me
They'll never fly away
Angels over me

[Verse 2:]
They silently hold me with their mighty wings
When I cry they consume me with the songs they sing (ooh)
When I sleep they watches over me
Fan away evil things
These are my Angels over me (oh)
Say we don't even know this
The protection they give
Fall asleep on the road and yes
I continue to live
Sometimes I even which that they
Wouldn't answer my calls
But await vuring Angels
They just won't let me fall

No they won't

(Repeat chorus 2x)

But they'll never fly away

They'll never, never let me down

Angels over me
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Anels Over Me Lyrics

Virtue! – Anels Over Me Lyrics