It's on A rainy friday
Mist is all around me
Everything seems to be monotonous and dull
It's like all the things that happen in the world
Day by day

War, disease, famine, drugs corruption's everywhere
Actually there's nearly
No promise without liebut nevertheless
I feel happy now

Because of youyes I need you, cause I love you

You are the one to make me happy,
You're the one to make me happy
With you I can't feel alonejust can't feel alone

I'm sure, that this world would be better
If all would have someone like I have you
One to love, to care and live for
Baby you're my brightness, you're my light

I hope you feel the same way too
We'd be A nice couple just we two
Through all the bad and ugly things
Whitch happen everyday
Live is worth living
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Just You Lyrics

V.i.p. – Just You Lyrics