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Kinda Surprised Lyrics

Vinx – Kinda Surprised Lyrics

I'm kinda surprised to know... I'm still on your mind
After all this time girl
Rather amazed to hear you want another chance
To get some real romance
Ooh did you think I'd drop my toys and run
Ooh just because you called me for some fun
I'm kinda surprised to hear that you had the gall to even try and call me
You left suddenly one night, guess I fell asleep
Watchin some old movie
Ooh now you show up offering your heart
Ooh your man left you now you're torn apart
Ooh see you're thirstin for what you once had
Well I'm the one for you I am the one for you, you know it's true
Well I ain't givin up my love not now
Ooh ooh I ain't givin up my love no how
Ooh ooh I ain't givin up my love not now
Ooh ooh ain't givin up my love, givin up my love not my pride
Kinda surprised to see that I'm still in your book
And you still got my number
Is this a second look?
Are you reaching out of your past
The best things you remember
Ooh there was a time you had me lock and key
Ooh but you traded for some fantasy
Ooh bout a man who would leave his wife for you
Well that's a joke what a joke, now what am I supposed to do?
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