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Nineteen Ninety Three Lyrics

Vinnie Paz – Nineteen Ninety Three Lyrics

Yo E, what up God?
Stomping in the forty below troopers and all that
Triple fat goose jackets
Know what I mean?
Alright listen
Come on

Yeah there's a rumble and money got crushed into rubble
For fakin' the funk inside the concrete jungle
Dj Eclipse on the cut with Bill with him
Sucker MCs well you can go to hell with him
Well this is a war here, it's Vietnam here
The five percent Nation of Brothers of Allah here
Whether he good or not, you soft as a Pudding Pop
He ain't halal, but he got cut in the butcher shop
You can't touch the mic, you don't deserve to
If he didn't learn too, then he getting burned too
The Kings and Queens are rebuilding they throne
With hardcore drums that's as ill as J-Zone
Suckers are petrol, so they better let go
'Cause I'm the human lightning bolt like Electro
Y'all ain't stepping up, cause y'all ain't deaf'n up
Yo, DJ Eclipse just cut the record up

You laid in the dirt and got put into a hearse
Suckers try to battle but they get they heads burst
Aye, y'all couldn’t move me, I cut 'em like sushi
The word is a gun and it’ll spray like an Uzi
I built with the Gods until knowledge is born on 'em
It took a little while for the science to dawn on 'em
You fade like a barber, my blade was just sharper
The Son that was born was the same as the Father
None of y'all could come before me or come after me
You fucking with Paz then it could be a catastrophe
Knowledge is infinite, you couldn’t live with it
Suckers will fade and get played like an instrument
Nothing can harm me, why try bomb me?
You couldn’t fuck around with Paz with the Army
Thirty-two bars of death will shut 'em up
Dj Eclipse on the wheel, so cut it up
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Songwriters: Vincent Luviner
Nineteen Ninety Three lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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