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Iron Tusk Lyrics

Vinnie Paz – Iron Tusk Lyrics

How you want it when you want it nigga?
Y'kna mean?

Look, the [?] buried in the yard by the pit bulls
Hollows in the HK, got a clip full
Niggas be thinking that my shit's good
They don't know I took ten losses last year, '96 Bulls
But I ain't tripping, 'cause my wrist good
Fuck these industry niggas, I'm '96 Suge
Hang you off the balcony for a brick
Trigger on the fifth get pulled
Who would've thought I'd be this good?
Told you I'm a different dude
I went from sleeping on a cot to hitting the lot to pick and choose
Stomp a nigga till he didn't move
There's blood on the bottom
Got my 750s looking like Christian Loos
Damn, these niggas is stressed looking deprived
I'll put you to sleep, you can rest good in the sky
I just go in the booth, I'm like Westbrook on the drive
I'm better than just good, the best nigga is I, motherfucker

You better duck muhfucker when the fifth blow rounds
'Cause I'm here mean I'm here, pussy ten toes down
And I suggest you ain't around when this shit go down
And the Gucci on the crown is a retro brown
Listen par, everything you be saying is noise
I'm a man, you a pedophile playing with boys
I'm must be soften' up a little, 'cause I gave you a choice
I'mma have to ask God why he gave you a voice
Who these dumb muhfuckers that's believing it's [?]?
Because the numbers never lie, pussy read it a weep
But the Twitter figures telling me you eager to sleep
How you always in the crib and say you be in the street?
You's a bocce [?], B you need to get out the house more
This soft muhfucker need to button his blouse more
You eating? Money, why you always sleep on the couch for?
And I don't do battles, par, this is all out war
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