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Vicoden Lyrics

Vince Staples – Vicoden Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Illuminati watchin us, police poppin us
Waitin' until Christ come back so he can walk with us
Shells in the revolver, best hit somebodys mama up
Kev-lars over the heart to match the scarring of
Our pops not bein' here, took him for a couple years
Now my niggas stuck in here, so what we love it here
The drugs is here, the guns is here
Our mothers here, we run it here
The police lookin for me, they gotta come in here
A vicious cycle controlled, the pigs runnin the show
You think these guns just get dropped off at the door?
But I'mma still shoot, cause these days if you ain't gonna spray then
Somebody gonna kill you

[Verse 2]
My grandmother said we outta asthma medication
But get ready for school, still, cause hell is waitin
If you dont learn shit, you won't be shit
And that would probably mean shit
If they tried and teach kids during the class
Gotta a heart made of gold, knuckles smothered in brass
The snakes lay where you play, so I stray from the grass
Mind already troubled enough
So don't confuse my cruel actions for givin' a fuck
I show no love, parents didn't give me enough
Its too late now, I barely even like bein' touched
My girl stopped givin' me hugs, says I don't see her that much
But I just prefer bein' alone, because..

Live for today cause tomorow never comes
Till I'm sittin' in the grave, I'll be sittin' in the slums
Cause I'm livin' just to die, ain't a ribbon in the sky
Just a nigga in the hood, buying time before it's gone
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