(feat. Lavi$h)

[Verse 1: Vince Staples]
Mr. International, I can probably times two
Everything you do in life and everything you might do
Probably stick my dick up in the bitch you say goodnight to
Niggas swear they beasting, I dont know who hyped you
Motherfucking lames, If I could I probably fight ya
Have my people light ya, you know just what them brothers do
Magic in the 32, LA Lakers run and shoot
Hit your mother, father, sister, daughter, and your cousin too
I’m the shit, hope you know, waving like row your boat
Sitting like southern poles drop the "e" add a "o"
That be my wardrobe, you malling with your mom
Rushing right before the store close, stack up a head case
Rare like a red steak, 90th and Hooper
Just to get the record set straight, homie we just set dates
Because I’mma get to popping once the L-beast start the drop
And you niggas start to flop and then you bitches get to copping

[Verse 2: LaVish]
Uh, I’m in the carpool doing 150
With a dime piece out having lunch with me
My lifestyle now, boy it’s something trippy
Rather hit the blunt ‘cause I’m never getting tipsy
Yeah puffing on the green like an urban hippy
They repeat my name now like Timmy, Timmy
Timmy Timmy, T-Timmy Timmy, T-Timmy Timmy
Flying out boy genius, call me Jimmy
The first thing they speak about in any conversation
I’m going for the win, you're just the nomination
LaVish what they call me, and I’m often hated
I ain’t the best yet, won’t stop until the greatest
Yeah my bud is shining like a flashlight
And yeah we can collab for a flat price
And I’m rolling in a Polo, Marco
I bet they won’t forget me, like Sarah Marshall
Dodger fitted on on the Ralph bucket
You a extra in this movie, yeah I’m out stunting
If you ain’t talking money, then you ain’t saying nothing
L-A-V signing out
I'm Chris Brown, run it
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