Give me two minutes of my life
So I can fully experience the charm of an autumnal spirit
Give me a whole hour
To comprehend the secrets of magic woods

... And lead my shadow through the fields of black roses
Leave my body sleeping
Leave my wrath alone

Asking which gifts I'd wish?
I desire a cage with a beautiful bird
The personification of my feeling
So I can treat it as a foe
And caress as a mistress
Give me at least one minute
And I will turn my thoughts into real spells

... And when darkness comes
Let my ship sail through vast waters
And pushed by winds of wrath glide into oblivion
... When nocturnal spirit cry above the castle of mine

"Demand seven times
Before he counts all the grains in hourglass"
Is what cards of a lonely witch told me

I wanted to touch her face but she disappeared
They said she'd died on the fields of black roses
What I found there as an old violin not her flesh
I took it in my hands and then I felt it's heart
Yes I left it's sound sleeping
I left it's wrath alone
"... When nocturnal spirits cried above the castle of mine"

For I am the one to possess the key to the secret
Books covered in skin of holy disciples
A throne in the vain of cosmos
And the seven times to save a piece of my welkin
(The absolute mystery of eternity)
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Mysterium Lyrics

Vim Patior – Mysterium Lyrics