I don’t wanna turn out the light
I want you to see me
Make the room bright, lock eyes while
You breathe me
Open the window, we let the street know
Till the tired light of the morning

I know that when we touch it’s like a
Dream state
Everyone before you was a light weight
You make my baby blues wanna dilate
Cause you know just what to do on the

Baby you’re a devil with a halo
You got me seeing stars in my shadow
Master of legato and allegro
Everyone’s a player, you’re a maestro

This body ain’t yours, but it could set you free
If you will explore higher heights with me
I want you to see me, higher heights with me

Uh, you remember, summer in the 6ix
We had a little but we put it on the line
We on roofs getting high
It’s the start of a dream son
I heard you say I don’t wanna pay the price
Living out a pack of lies
I don’t got it in me
So come on baby, let’s start another life
Everybody’s fuckin’ but nobody’s fuckin right
Everybody’s fuckin’ but nobody’s fuckin right

You know, baby, you’re my medicine.
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