You're sleepwalking
But you keep talking
I can hear every word you say.

You've got a feeling
Like a tide receding
I know we won't be coming back this way.

I take a risk
And I ask you there,
To a restaurant; maybe catch a show
But when I ask you if you want to go
You say 'yes'; you say 'no'.

Oh, Love
Was it just a dream?
And now it's gone.
I can feel you drifting away from me.
We waited to long.

You say Yes, you say No.
I'm lost at sea.
You say Yes, you say No.
You are lost to me.
You say Yes you say No.
Lost at sea.
You say Yes, You say No.
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Driftwood (Forever And Never) Lyrics

Viddiot – Driftwood (Forever And Never) Lyrics

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