I’m Driving 50 miles an hour, to a place where no one knows
Trying hard to forget about my baby, out where the great white river flows
You like his style? I hear it everywhere I go, so fresh; you feel it in
Every soul?
So go on leave me behind…... Travelling on

I bought a new set of clothes, well rags from a 2nd hand store, I even
Patched up my car
Got some gin in my boot, not to mention my best friend and I'm travelling
“Supposed to be a mellow drive”

Cop says “have you seen this man”I look strange to him and laugh, well man I
Got a mean face and blue eyes that can be stared in to for miles and miles,
I speed off with what feels like gods command in my hand...
I'm travelling on

Only to realise the cop in pursuit he knows this land, take a turn, and hit
The brakes.
Teeter on a edge of a cliff, it's only my life at stake, and I Press the gas
And the cop watches me crash
Well you like his style…... Tell me
You like that style I see it everywhere I go, so fresh you feel it in every
I’m travelling on, I’m travelling on, I’m travelling on

Melody outro-
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Travellin On Lyrics

Victorian Dad – Travellin On Lyrics