My Name is Victa, and I'm a winner and I know what I'm talkin' about. And Just 'cause I come out on top don't mean I'm leaving you out.
I'm a trickster but I'm not a sinner and you man not agree.
Before you start to criticize, are you talkin' 'bout you or me?

'Cause I'm your brother, your friend, I'm so much a part of you. To be the Victa deal with who you are before you worry 'bout what to do.
But I'm always on your side even when we compete.

Winnings not always the answer. All you have to do it play.
When you understand the message then you have to right to say...

Chorus (Bootsy)
My Name is victa, and I'm so finger funkin' good you can never wash off this funk debris even if you could.
My name is victa and I encourage you to learn how he plays 'cause in practice there is a perfection.
Now, tell 'em what I say

My name is...

And, ah, for all you players out there, I want you to pull up a chair and sit down somewhere.

My Name is... I ain't gonna say it. It's already on your mind.
Some may call it bragging but I ain't got the time.
I'm coming to get cha, that's right, look out, I'm sneaking up from behind, I'm sneaking up from behind you.

Don't worry, just a little bit more to say.
I might wait 'till tomorrow it ain't gotta be today
I'm gonna tell my story, I don't know where to begin.
The one thing that I know for sure
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Victa Lyrics

Victor Wooten – Victa Lyrics

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