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One More Chance Lyrics

Victor Ly – One More Chance Lyrics

One more chance is all I ask for
Just give me one more chance before you show me the door
Give this love one more try
When I show you love, maybe you'll be mine
One more time is all I need
I will get on my knees and I will plead
For that one last chance
I will love you, no matter the circumstance

Ever since you walked out the door
There's nothing I have left to live for
If you were only here tonight
Maybe we could make things alright
But I'm still crying out your name
Cause since you left, nothing's quite the same

Being with you feels so real
But there are no words or ways to express how I feel
Whenever you're close, there's a gentle calm that comes over me
Baby, you should know that, can't you see?
Each time I leave you side, there's a warmth that I take with me
After all we've been through, can't you just let our love be?

Repeat chorus twice

I miss you so much;
Your voice, your face, your touch
I've been thinking about you and me
How great things were, how they used to be
But yesterday seems so long ago
The story of us, a tale of woe
Once upon a time, do you still remember?
We were still together, last December
Do you remember? Us two together at the bus stop?
Or us laughing together in the coffee shop?
How about the day we spent in the park?
Since you've been gone, everything's been dark

God I miss you so much
There's other people I can talk to
But it's not like talking to you
Oh I miss you so much
There's other people I can hang out with
But it's not like being with you
There simply are no substitutes for the love we once shared
I just want you to know that I still care
And I just want you to know
How much I am still in love with you
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