The smiling faces show no traces of the deceit that lurks within. They'll
Spit and spew of their respect for you while they try to hold back that
Grin. But the grin will escape if you're halfway awake and you'll see
What's really within. In times like these it's plain to see we live among
Liars, pigs, and thieves.
The streets and sewers are full of deceitful souls who try to crap up our
Lives. They'd chop off your head and leave you for dead to rob you of
Your very last dime and they'll say they're sorry and tell you not
To worry and I'll be your very best friend. In time like these liars, pigs,
And thieves will hound you to the bitter end
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Liars, Pigs And Thieves Lyrics

Victims Family – Liars, Pigs And Thieves Lyrics