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You're Still My Sister Lyrics

Vickie Winans – You're Still My Sister Lyrics

Sister, it's been a long time since we spoke
Use to be best friends, stuck closer than most
We both said some things we didn't mean
Lets put it all behind us, start again clean
Cause life's to short to hold on to mess
It eats away at ya soul and adds so much stress
So I'm sending you this song cause I'm reaching out
I think it's time we reconcile.


I'M still praying for ya and I hope you'Re somwhere praying for me. Can we please get back to loving each other
Cause when it'S all said and done
You'Re still my sister
And lord knows just how much I miss ya

Now we women sometimes can take things to the extreme
Getting attitudes with each other over the smallest thing
Now this ain't no way to carry on and behave
We need to follow the example that Jesus gave
Can somebody tell me how we ended up here
Ain't seen each other or spoken in years
I still remember all those times
We prayed together and God made it alright.


I think it's time that we both try forgiveness
Instead of holding on to the bitterness.
Let's just let the past go.
I still love you and I want you to know
I think its bout time we try to make things right between you and I
I'm still your sister and you're still mine
Through it all God's love will shine
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