Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to be you to find ur true
Purpose, to be original...... will you take that shot? or will you just watch
It blur..you feel me uhn ya Lego
V.I original ya know amean yeah
Yo lets do this right this time you know
Check one,two
[[ 1verse V.I.Cee]]
I'm me ure u,visualized this words on YouTube
This lies in disguise I'm talking to him and you too
Change ties couple twice just to look good on new suit
Trying to be the man that you not filling a void that doesn't suit you
Change lines maybe thrice just to get back on track
Be YOU do YOU regardless if they say Ure whack
Ure a star shine bright never let Ur own light go black
In God we trust Christ the middle man believe me Jesus gat ur back
When it snows and ure cold believe me that ure not alone
When you smoke ure lever hurts yet you called the jungle home
Four horsemen turnin their back Fightin over Satan's throne
Apocalypse back on track 'NIGGA' waiting for the trumpet blows
I told ya to sue me but I can't be the person I'm not
Friends,foes,family signin form to sue me in court
On what offense?different roll of a kinda person they want me to play
Oops! I'm sorry I can't cos it's only JESUS CHRIST I potray
My name is V.I.Cee, you feel me? u know
A wasted talent is like a wasted life ,you amean
So, u READ DEEP,, u SIGHT DEEP hommy, u THINK DEEP n after dat u can
SPEAK DEEP ..u know amean ...is what I know like what do I know?
[[ 2Verse V.I.Cee]]
One thing straight up I can't be like anybody and
Maybe I'm wired but I ain't care coz I gat music as a friend
It's Wat I do hommy in a new world ama pick it times 10
Ama do it to the fullest coz I know I gat Christ till the end
DON'T BE GOOD BE GREAT coz there won't be another like you
Why not hit it hard make it look like you did it times two
Like its your last day on earth something you need to do for you die
The sky is your starting point pretty large space for you just to fly
It's no secrets nor regret creating your own unique part
As long as ure repin Christ in it I'll be glad to relate with ur facts
In fact we gon do a song title original part two
Unto tryin to make the world know it's more easier to be you
God made you with a purpose reason why you alive
Have you ever Wanda why they all died from the same crash you survived?
Then you laugh about it sing songs when the music is on
Volume out loud in wave pattern now sorrow is gone
Now the son has gone light off night dawn has come
Time to dance the real you with no tune before the morning song
Before you realize you can't be me on a track for Song
On a track you on matching you it fun
Now I'm serious about this I'm being realistic
I ain't talking to community here but unique individualistic
Logistical y'all better unveil ur untold mystics
And find the real you a better person I know y'all wish it
Outro> I told you mehn I gat a bigger purpose, u know amean.. I gat a
Bigger role to play y'all know what I mean, so I ain't gon throw that
Away just because someone thinks I ain't good though to fit in God
Nah never that.hommmy. Choices u know amean I made couple of
Those u feel me... Lego
"MHIZ RAY" I see ya
Ya know amen..uhh V.I once more ya know amean CHECK
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