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Victor Lyrics

Vic Spencer – Victor Lyrics

Fee expenses, with the victimized bucket, and the denim and all
Put me in the game and I'm winning the scratch
In till the beginning, you wack
Well, I'm good, I'm the perpest nigga eva
And I'm just being honest, you not fly, you a feather
Cherry pie niggas, longevity, time skillin'
Chilly, you got a curfew, don't trip when your mom's wit me
Silly lil' nigga, I can take your fan base
I don't want them anyway, all 'em niggas is faky
I could care less about the songs you made
Or who you sound like, your success is a fake
My uncle bless me with the faith
And pour all the bitches, not because of the aim
It's easy me, y'all go home after eating another bitch out
Like it's easy to cheat
Renaming all the pinch, like his snitch lay blues
Old like Bay Ruth, but I'm still gon' shoot
Radio djs don't play me, so I go to the booth
And spin my shit all night, clear channel, fuck you!
Man, I been through some sheet
Turn more in my life than the Kennedy kid
You can't handle what remedy is
Who's the last man standin'? General Lee
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