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Fire In The Booth (Freestyle) Lyrics

Vic Mensa – Fire In The Booth (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yo, SaveMoney baby, you know how it go
Skrrr skrrr
You know what it is man, I’m here with Charlie Sloth on BBC
1Xtra man, it’s that time

[Instrumental 1: Verse: 1]
I was twenty out in Vegas going ape shit
My niggas buying Audis out the dealership
Skating in the Pumas I could hit a treflip
Just signed a shoe deal, ain’t even signed a deal or shit
Hov like “Vic, boy, you know, you know you killin’ shit”
I think I’m Blueprint 1 ‘cause I’m still the shit
Shout out to my girl she got a girlfriend
If they ain’t got credit I don’t need them or fuck them, what’s the point
Control your bitch she keep tryna order every appetizer on the menu, chill
Why you get it twisted from the pop practice
They don’t even know the thing about I been through
In a Lex at the in-and-out drive thru
I’m blowing gas out the driver’s seat window
Shout out to my nigga Ugly Eddy what it do?
I’m a firestarter boy with a candle
(Yeah let it keep playing, ay)
(Let’s get it Vic [Skrrr, skrrr] let’s get it, ha ha)
Yeah what it do, tell me what you think, what it do?
Tell me who name on the news, who changing the rules
Who, who came in with they crew, who dropped
Who’s shit flopped? I can name one or two
What it do? Tell me who team got they back
Then tell me who changed in the set
Now tell it to my watch, same niggas with me in the van
Be the same personnel on the jet, it’s the truth
It’s the truth, lotta white lies in the booth
And get on the mic, drink they 2Pac juice and then, poof
Tell me how quick they disappear
Tell me who name still here in 20 years
Wrote the book, I could teach the game
Tell me whose number still the same, I ain’t changed
Tell me with your hand on the bible
Tell me who still got the car title in they mama name
On the real, I just wanna say one thing
I’m real right now because, I’ve been this
Shout out to everyone that supported Chuck Inglish
And Asher Roth down to Charlie Sloth
It’s the new shit, my shit exclusive
I go stupid, off the top like toupee
And shout out Lupe but, honestly if we was in the booth
I might have to go ape shit, bangle, animal uh
Drink 'em up like danimals, accountable
They can’t test me, they can’t delete me
Control, alt, defeat me, beat me up
That don’t sound necessary, panties not necessary
That’s hereditary, see it’s in my genes
And my jeans cost two fucking fifty
How you gonna come up fucking with me
When you ain’t gotta quid in your pocket
Boy, you need to stop quickly, ahh

[Instrumental 2: "The Man" by G FrSH]
I’m the man
I’m the man
Ayy what’s the plan
She off a zan, off a zan
I’m out in Brixton 15 bricks in the van
I take ‘em back to Chicago, we up in the land
We in the land
Now what you know, what you know
I hear ‘em talking, blowing smoke, blowing smoke, uh
The only time I keep that, that’s when I get [?]
I used to have them fuckers inside the trunk you know
I [?] them ‘44’s that’s sixteen for a [?]
Shout out to Trip, he had them piece for the law
I throw that guns, yeah that’s old school we was boast
Now I’m savemoney, twenty-one I’m getting dough
Twenty-one I’m getting dough, I said I’d get a million dollars
So RCA and maybe Roc-nation holla
Don’t mean to put my business out there ‘bout the dollas
But when I pop a collar
I was in Chicago where they rock drop top Impalas
Shout to GSC man, I take it back now, what’s the plan, what’s the plan
Honestly cousin, I don’t really give a fuck
I thought I had a million on down my luck
Yeah, down on my luck, when I get down on my luck
What I do? I just go fuck and spend another buck (laughs)
I’m with my boys, I hold it down, I send it up
You know my niggas in that G-wagon truck
Tell that boy try his luck, I bet he die, naw (Charlie Sloth: laughs)
(No I can keep on going)

[Instrumental 3: "In My Zone" by Cashtastic]
Splurge, splurge, splurge, splurge
Pull up on the curb then, splurge
I pull up on the curb then, splurge
Shorty, shorty what’s the word
They ain’t talking but, I know they heard
Yeah, I know they heard
How I pull up on the curb then, splurge
I don’t even wanna act like it’s all about cash, and stacking up ass
But, back then, I mean back in the past
When I ain’t have a dollar or nothing to blast
That’s when I had bands in my pants
I used to be in school with p’s in the locker
Teachers couldn’t stop us
And I had thunder the bleachers from boppers
Yeah, they thotters that’s what we call them
Cause I’m balling, and ain’t never falling
Just like Spading or just like Rawling
Or just like Jordan or just like Michael
Then I feel like D Rose, Sloth got the #1 jersey on cause he know
Ay yo, I might hit it like a free throw
Cause this shit easy like a free throw
Shout out to Niko, shout out to peace tree
I be out in Houston, I be out in Toronto
[?] the hawks then, damn It’s some new shit
Off of the top with, every time I come you know I drop it
Man, that’s some lame shit, and you know the game
Uhh, you know the game that I came with
I’m still Savemoney, same gang that I came with
Them boys I came up with, boys I gave a fuck with
Ones that never ever ever ever gave a fuck with
Same niggas I was in the police car wit
And you can’t stop it ‘cause you can’t start it
How you gonna start me? I’m push to start please like artly
I mean hardly, these boys detectives just like hardy boys
I mean [?] uhh, and there ain’t hardly noise
They ain’t hardly making no noise, no choice
‘Cause you stepped to the wrong one, you get your song done
I mean whoever beat it is, I’m sorry I had to do it ‘cause I was on one
I’ve been on one since I came out here
I came out to London on a plane, wasn’t in first class
But, next time again, I bet, I bet I be something on the aim
I mean my aim is true, If I aim at you that’ll be the end of you
And I’m not offended if you try to talk that
Because I know that’s the walk, you don’t walk that
I’ve been spun, 47 street they talk that, outline and chalk that
Yeah these boys be yapping but, when it gets to clapping, they dipping
I’m snapping and tripping, uhh clipping the [?] I spit from far away
So why you wanna talk that uhh yeah
I remember just, the other day I ain’t have a dollar in my pocket and now I’m paid
Don’t it feel different when life get different
Now I’m on the radio a million people listening
Just put a girl on the [?] out in Michigan
Sent a little syrup out to Michigan
I’m sorry Drizzy Drake had to miss wireless
But I guess I had to go on fire, cause [?] ain’t even ready for that
And I come through and I run steady with that
Uhm, arm, arm, leg, heady with that
Yeah, leave them on the boy and…(inaudible)
Yeah, on the blacktop like a crack spot
Come back on the laptop, I made the beat, wrote the rap on the laptop

[Instrumental 4: "Trampoline" by Tinie Tempah]
I’m out eating raw oysters, and my plate got that shrimp tempura
I just did a song with AlunaGeorge but, damn shout out to my home girl Rita Ora
She know she the baddest, I be balling like it’s Madden
Shout out to Steve but, my girl don’t wear Steve Madden
She get a Chloe bag then, she get too mad then, I have to readjust
Every time they come around they might just see me in a truck
I’m pulling off on BM dubs, I’m in the 3, me and trip ain’t rolling dubs
We rolling p’s, you niggas boys you a bug
I stomp you out because you don’t get no love
Joey Purp ‘ill hit that slug, now D-Block got that Audi
And plus my nigga Fresco, yeah he got the [?]
And Dally off the west, I catch a body
But, this ain’t even about that
But, I don’t even leave without that
That cash I’m about to count that
They be talking, they be talking

There’s a difference between men and boys
See, real men they make that, the others nigga's just talk noise
See, I always felt as if I have a choice
And all the youth out there should just know that you have a voice
Cause when you don’t that’s when you don’t make it to where you want to be
When I see money in front of me then, you know what it’s gonna be
I'mma take that to the centipedes, someone take this down to the cemetery
Cause I can’t die, I can’t die, I can’t lose, I’m still alive
That’s on my chest, that’s how I ride, that’s how I live
They know the deal, they know it’s real
[?] she on the pill, just like a [?]
What’s the deal? Might sign a deal
I might make a mill, I might not
I’m still hot, I ain’t even tripping, I got that shit
So, I know they did not, yeah
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