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5 Fingers Of Death Lyrics

Vic Mensa – 5 Fingers Of Death Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don't wanna talk about no beef
I don't like pork and I don't like police
They'd rather I don't speak than to hear a black man speak his mind
But I'm a Rap Genius, you gotta read between the lines
Uh, I guess I'm playin' with they heads now, just to make sure that they don't forget
I let 'em argue all day in the barber shop 'bout who's the best emcees
Kendrick, Cole and Vic, please
Don't let 'em distract you with the nonsense
Uh, when did art turn into content?
I'm still in Chicago, I've been the king
I ain't never had to leave to get a ring on some Lebron shit

[Verse 2]
These bars is for the victims lost in Orlando
There's a lot of hate but love is the strongest ammo
Presidential candidates on the channels
Like Kerry Washington the way they profiting off of Scandal
But we just keep it realer than most
Read the writing on the wall like my name Jim Joe
They gon' say "Vic ill" like my name Kim Jong
A Puerto Rican Day parade on all you maricónes

[Verse 3]
Papi, dime lo mami
Play the trumpets for me like Donnie
It's a royal celebration when I touchdown
Hit the Cam Newton on 'em, got 'em upset
Cause I'm dancing in the end zone like I'm Dougie Fresh now
I gave a voice to a lot of kids without a choice
Without them I'd be a ghost like a Rolls Royce
My birthday party got stars in the ceiling
When it's so much cream, niggas gon' have to catch feelings

[Verse 4]
Uh, only the real, only the real
I been dealing before twenty-one, I don't need a deal
Don't be mad, I'm tryna broaden my horizons
In London at Wireless, I got bars like Verizon
Yeah, sprinted to the finish line, I'm hearing crickets
Cause when your team mobile then they gotta listen
Get it Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile
I should have three cell phones, dog, I got a lot of digits
Pray for Weezy, that lean is a problem
Oh, Kemosabe, we be steady mobbing
Wanna see a black boy break the internet
I might pull up in a mixed scarf like I'm Dennis Rodman
I'm challenging the stereotypes
Drank too much Ciroc I need some Pedialyte
I don't even smoke no more, got a hang over
Don't pass the dro, Sean Paul give me the mic

[Verse 5]
Yo Sway, remember my first time on Rap Fix?
Rocky heard me, he was like "who's that kid?"
Cause I be turning every bass line to game time
Like I'm Iverson but we ain't talkin' 'bout practice
Straight back cornrows, that ghetto
Big face hundreds like Jay Leno
I'm tryna do Sixteen Shots on late night TV
Tell Jimmy Fallon, come get at us
They never seen a revolutionary with style
I birthed that like I carried a child
Got all of these niggas just dying to be my sons
I might have to miscarriage my sound
I'm pro-life, anti-po-lice
These dogs don't bite
That's why they always barking about me
One day they say I'm saving hip hop from the dead
Next day they be tryna build a coffin around me, damn
Fair weather fans, like Mayweather's hands
They pack a punch but they can't read what I'm saying
You so in love with the image of us
You'd probably drive off a bridge for it like Eminem in Stan
I'm my own man, Jordan, yeah, a grown man
Y'all money short forever, Gary Coleman
Shout to my bro Jerry Lorenzo
I'm rocking in that Fear of God but I don't fear no man
Lindsey Lohan, white girl off the coke man
I'm a Monstar, I ball like I'm on Space Jam
Flight to Qatar, you could call me Saudi Arabian
Thought I worship Allah, the way the media hate on him
I brush the dirt off my shoulders then in my Timberlands
Bought the gun that shot Trayvon and shoot Zimmerman
Get the job done like Undocumented immigrants
It's gonna take more than a wall for y'all to finish him
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