Growing up I figured out I'll never be like you
Early on I tried it out, but couldn't see it through
Along the way I found my way, and still it's not enough
You'll never see what I see, and now I've given up

Please don't leave me now
I'm chasing footprints to keep up with you somehow
All I need is for you to believe

I chose to walk a different path
I could never fill your shoes
I tried to find the middle line
It's not good enough for you
All I wanted was some happiness, and feel free to live my life
I let you down, you let me down, and it tears me up inside


I wanna make you proud
I've gotta make you proud
I've gotta stay true to myself
I've gotta stay true


I wanna sing loud
Make you proud
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Chasing Footprints Lyrics

Viasava – Chasing Footprints Lyrics