Tucked away in a secret place I sit here plotting your demise
Nightmare burning images of terror into your closed eyes
I produce the sounds that send these tremors through your spine
Ask yourself if I dwell on Earth or simply in your active mind

I'm not real
You can't see me
I'm not here
You won't free me

Stay out of the dark
Hide at night
Save yourself when the bad dreams come to life

Paint me a picture of another world
One that I can cling to when I start to lose my hold

Here comes vib to steal you away
Here comes consciousness to color in the grey

Open the door that I may see
Transcending shape and color and conditionality

Advancing towards you now I stand, the cause of impending demise
Once a nightmare came to life won't disappear when you shut your eyes
I produce the pain that sends it's signals through your spine
Now you know I dwell on Earth not simply in your active mind

I am real
Now you see me
I am here
You have freed me
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I'm Not Real Lyrics

Very Important Businessmen – I'm Not Real Lyrics

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