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Lovestruck Lyrics

Vertical Horizon – Lovestruck Lyrics

from album: Echoes From The Underground (2013)
Here we are, under stars
And their light is falling down like arrows
Crack the skies, you and I
'Til the night just opens up and lets go

Lovestruck, lovestruck
You leave me lovestruck
Lovestruck, lovestruck
You leave me
Don't leave me, love

Dim the sound underground
In mute calico and golden sunlight
Feel the break it's all it takes
Got a favorite name and a favorite way to lie

You've got me lovestruck now

The trees will guard us on the garden ground
Like the breezes blowing from another town
I guarantee the eyes are all darkened now
We lie down, we lie down

We go back and forward to evermore
We never needed something that we needed more
The sweet release is all that we believe in now
We lie down, we lie down

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