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Even Now Lyrics

Vertical Horizon – Even Now Lyrics

Even now
After all these years
I think about you
With both joy and pain

Even now
I remember when you left
I walked all night
Through the rain
Broken and lost
Swearing I'd never love that way again

Even then
You were aiming much higher
Somewhere higher than you thought I could fly
Even then
You were looking for rainbows
Something more than a cloudless blue sky

Now you tell me you were wrong
You never should have left me for an empty dream
Now you spill out your regrets
A mighty river to a bitter stream
Lying awake
Thinking about all that might have been
I guess we're even now

Even now
More often than I'd like
I think about you
And the place we used to share

Even now
I remember all the songs
And the perfume in your hair
I was carried away
Until you cut me down in midair

Even then
There was something inside you
Something bright
That was burning so cold
Even then
There was something about you
Something dark that I couldn't hold

And now you tell me that your life
Has never been the free flight
You thought it would be
Now you know it's way too late
All we've got is history
You know that when I lost you
You lost me
I guess we're even now

Even then
You were looking for rainbows
Even then in a perfect blue sky

I guess we're even now

All that summer
In the moonlight
You were dreaming
I was believing
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