Six thousand years of pain
I have learned to know you
You were, you are and always will be
The jealous rival, tyrant of Prometheus
Tormentor of my reason
Specter of conscience

Spread the plague upon the land
Decimate the enemy, crush the rest in your hand
Plant a burning cross in the holy soil
In the name of god - resurrection of moral coil
Slaves on earth because in heaven is a master
Waiting for your martyr to bring disaster
Rape and massacre - ceremonies of purification
Paying the price for eternal salvation

Infiltrate the infidels, spread your disease
Kill sons and force mothers to their knees
Let it rain, the flood will carry sins away
This is the downfall of creation - Let us pray

The sins we ask you to forgive, you caused us to commit
There is no love, just pure unadulterated evil

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Defy The Tyrant Lyrics

Venom Prison – Defy The Tyrant Lyrics