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Ritual Of The Sinner Lyrics

Veni Domine – Ritual Of The Sinner Lyrics

In the depths of the souls where the sun won't shine
A rage for the sacred a desire so undefined
Turned into thoughts of a throne in the sky
Deeply connected to the tower of Babel
History repeats itself
Made impact on the souls who were led astray
Gave them hope for tomorrow but led them further away
Tears shed in confusion could drain us alive
But the greedy insist that they will be the ones to survive
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
To fool death you have to know who to trust
Ritual of the sinner
Down on your knees with a stone cold heart
Trusting in him will tear you apart
Ritual of the sinner
There's blood shed tonight in the spiritual world
The humble won't cry not afraid to die
It's not too late to win the race, just a few days
Twisting heads around "perfectly systematic"
Dance with covered eyes - in the ritual
Blasphemy to its core rotten all through
Just like drinking sulfuric acid
Laying words in the mouth of God
Beware of the day when the truth shall arise
We're heading for a cold winter age of the lonely
Fulfilling the prophecies of ancient seers
That's our hope and we don't have to lean on it
To avoid total confusion
There's a price on your head
The father of sin needs you sacrificed
But he's forced by the hour to gain a place in your heart
So stay the distance
Yes please stay the distance
Ritual of the sinner
Inspired by lust to turn you to dust
Controlled by the liar and fed by his fire
Ritual of the sinner
The first shall be last the last shall be first
It's not in vain God will ease your pain
When it all comes down, we're all sinners of some kind
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