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Ribcage Menagerie Lyrics

Vendetta Red – Ribcage Menagerie Lyrics

Blood on the windshield mystic mosaic
Surreal you're your ribcage menagerie
Listen to lips that lull you to sleep beside
A living nightmare
In front of a fake friend fell on your knees
His death in a car crash cured your disease
Still in the water food for the fishes
Would anyone miss him?
With his words like mercury
Filling the holes from razor gazes
A verbal gauze for broken hearts
Seal the coffin careless to kiss
Stab at the angels that gave you to me
Morbid my love lives forever inside my chest
She completes me
I stare at the sky through a blanket of filth
Means to an end their exhaust in my lungs
Stinging my eyes like a tear for an unborn child
But she stares with me
Choose your blade
And carve your name into my heart
Soothe the wounds and heal my scars

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