Rape yourself of entity
A nail surging in
Sewn up in powers
Sew it in your forehead
Repulsive, persuasion, forcing a god
A sea of traitors, bleed into my head
Lost in power of fate, sew your dead life
Always goes no sacrifice, no it's this power
Power fit in you, on you
Tired, traitor, insane a purple day
So I find you here
Caught in the middle of some stupid vice
Shooting your arms
And wrap it around your head
And put it down your throat
Deeper and deeper
Deeper and deeper
This is not a game
Get down on your four legs
Get down on your four legs
And show me what life is about
Show me the truth
Show me life and show me death
Whip me, shoot me, kill me
Stab me, punch me
Put it in my hair
Put it in your eyes
It's no suprise
Just sit back and show me what life is about
I have no clue, no mind
So you'll have to show me
And don't waste my time
I will not jump around in circles for you
You fucking bitch, die
I'll show you a psychopathic madman
All sewn into your eyeballs
Liquid acid
It's a broken form of disease
No closing push it for me
Now fuck for you, this disease
I'll fuck, i'll kill you, fucking sleaze
I'll push it, i'll push it closer
No, fall down forever
I'll push it closer, hide in your closet
Right down your neck, now freezing, freezing
Drink the poison so insane
Screaming, break down
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Repulsive Lyrics

Velvet Acid Christ – Repulsive Lyrics